Thursday, 18 February 2016

Link Between Autoimmune Disease And Allergies

Autoimmune disorders are puzzles to many people in the medical science. It is not necessary that the immune system in the body has to be the cause for curing the troubles. There are certain cases where the immune system might cause troubles, and they are termed as autoimmune disorders. In order to have a detailed idea of the autoimmune health service, it will be advisable to have a look at For example, there are certain cases where the platelet counts in the blood will be dropping rapidly causing internal and external bleeding of people to become uncontrollable.

In such conditions, the immediate platelet transfusion will be done along with the other medications that are required to make the platelet count increase in the blood. This condition is termed as Thrombocytopenia. The normal platelet count in the body should lie between 150,000 and 450,000. If a patient continues to give a poor response even after the above-mentioned treatment is done, then it is time to check for the other possible causes and try to treat it. In some cases, the fact might be unbelievable but true i.e. the immune system of the patient will be the cause of the trouble as it will be self destructing the platelets as it fails to identify between the bad cells and the body cells. 

This autoimmune condition is one among the various other disorders that is caused by the platelets. In such situations, the patient has to be handled very carefully so that there are no serious troubles. In fact, allergies are caused by such scenarios. ACT is a procedure that is followed in the cases where the platelet count has to be increased as it will have the ability to get the platelets count increase. Once this treatment is started, it will be possible to see an increase in the number of platelets and it will gradually stabilize.

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